Teacher of the Year 2018

Teacher of the Year 2018
Debbie Jerrett

Debbie Jerrett is Lakeville’s 2017-18 Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Jerrett’s passion for students and their family is evident through the bond that has been created over the last 18 years in the Lakeville community.  She has spearheaded many family initiatives and works diligently to spread the “Lakeville Love”.  She has been a part of many annual events/activities that are now part of the Lakeville Culture i.e. Literacy Nights, Reading Under the Star, One Book One Voice, Literacy Junction, Battle of the Books, Odyssey of the Mind, Spelling Bees, Oration Contests, Summer Reading Programs, Lakeville Learners Club, Radical Readers, etc.  Debbie has recently helped to open the On Track for Excellence Parent Resource Room and is an integral part of parent training and growth throughout the Lakeville Community.

 As Debbie reflects back over her career she believes that the key to her teaching success has been her ability to view herself as a lifelong learner.   Learning from leaders, experts, parents, community members, other teachers and most importantly, her first love, students.