Railroad Museum

The Lakeville Elementary We’ve Been Working on the Railroad Train Museum was established in 1998 by the 4th grade team lead by Kathy Suriano’s vision.  The fourth grade teachers, Kathy Suriano, Denise Bustamante, Suzie McDougald, Eudeen Mott, and Angela Smith worked with their students to locate railroad artifacts from around the country. In the process, students learned about our country’s railroad history.  Students wrote letters to railroad enthusiasts to donate memorabilia for the museum. Some of the items on display include working railroad crossing signs, student drawings, old lamps that were used for checking underneath the trains during inspections, ticket boxes with the original tickets still intact, an old conductor suit, model wooden trains built by students, and an electronically powered model railroad track. In 2000 the museum project won recognition by earning the top prize for the Disney Teacherrific Awards. Eventually, a caboose was located and added to the collection and displayed in front of the school.